About Us

We are both in healthcare, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. Matt has been a labor and delivery nurse for almost 26 years (the caring, clinical end) and Carol in hospital administration for over 30 years (the bossy, “I faint at the sight of blood” end). We have 5 incredible children and 7 perfect grandchildren. When we are not working, we LOVE to hike, bike, walk, run, ski, swim and explore. Our motto is "Have GPS - will travel!" We are basically hobos at heart but with a foodies stomach, wine connoisseurs mouth and bibliophiles head (well, mostly Carol). When we first saw the Buena Vista cabin we fell in love with the spectacular views and the homey interior. It's our sincere hope that you find the same sense of home and beauty when visiting our cabin.
~ Matthew and Carol Hemker